Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Cats and math

Two days ago I cut my foot by stepping on a piece of broken glass - obviously Billy did a lousy job cleaning that.
It wasn't anything serious, but enough to leave blood drops on the floor.

Then I looked at Leona:

And I did some quick math:
- The table dimensions are 80cm x 80cm
- She is probably about 1 meter long with her legs extended
- I've seen her jump easily over 1 meter high from standing still
- She is incredibly strong
- She might look fat, but she is still quite agile
- She weights more than 7.5kg

This is Foxy:
She doesn't look that fat, but still she weights over 7kg and is faster than Leona and almost the same size.

And, their claws are very very sharp.

They both are incredibly kind and cuddly, they would never hurt anyone on purpose. 

But ... if they taste blood? The blood I am spilling on the floor?
Home might become a very dangerous place to live.
They could reach my balls without even lifting from the ground and they could easily go for my throat if they jump. Before I can even react.

Boy, was I quick to wipe it from the floor!


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