Thursday, July 30, 2015

Happy Birthday, Leona and Foxy!

Today my cats become two years old!
Happy Birthday!

It has been wonderful two years - they have brought me lots of laughter and lots of comfort.
There is nothing more relaxing than the cat purr - it washes away all anger, all troubling thoughts, all bad mood.

Yes, there is cat hair everywhere. Yes, it is hard to sleep when they decide to play chase or wrestle at 6am or when a 7kg monster walks on top of me and gives me a massage. Yes, there is some minor damage to the furniture and the curtains. Yes, I can't leave any small objects (like screws, cables, electronic components, lego parts, etc.) on the table unattended. But it is totally worth it.

They have changed quite a lot for these two years - they are much bigger now, less playful, way more lazy. But they are just as cuddly and kind as always. And they have changed from extremely cute little (ok, maybe not little) kittens into enormous but gorgeous cats.

Here is a little present I made for them:

It is not final - it needs some tweaking and proper packaging, but it works.

And, here are some pictures taken over the years (in more or less random order):

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