Tuesday, July 7, 2015

You can stop bracing yourselves now, the money has come.

"Better late than never" they say.
I agree :)

Today I was greeted with this e-mail:

In other words, the first money finally came.
They were supposed to come on June 30st, but "due to internal issues" (according to Samsung themselves) they were delayed 1 week.

Not really a big deal for me, given the fact that my app started selling on April 19th and by the end of April it made $211 (according to their sales statistics). So, whether it is 2 months later or 2 months and one week later - it doesn't make much difference.

Anyway, the drinks are on me tonight :)

On a side note, their Sales Summary seem to be broken since July 1st.
They keep showing just one sale (in Korea) since then.
In the meantime their download statistics show "normal" rate of downloads.

Did you have any trouble understanding the above 3 sentences?
Because Samsung's support obviously did.
I wrote to them yesterday, to notify them of the problem and today they responded, asking for screenshots?!?
Why the fuck do they need screenshots?!? To understand the problem better? Well, I believe it was clearly described in 2-3 short sentences. For proof?  As if I have no better stuff to do, but mess around with them?
I think the answer is different - it is just laziness. The monkey in their support center is trained to ask for screenshots every time an issue is reported and no screenshots are attached. It is so much easier - ask for screenshots, bam! case closed, my job here is done ... next please.

Anyway, I resisted the urge to respond in a ... not so friendly manner ... and very politely sent them these 2 screenshots:

If I didn't already know what their answer will be, I would be really curious :)
As a matter of fact, this is the first time (in my experience) when their accounting data fucks up.
Until now, the statistics were breaking every couple of weeks, but the accounting data looked ok.
But, after so many problems, one more does not surprise me at all.

Ok, enough blogging for today, I have $472 to spend, starting immediately.
Let the shopping spree begin!

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